GTL Technology


We are working with different GTL TECHNOLOGY PROVIDERS for Malaysia and Indonesia.

Natural gas is a very important feedstock for fuels and chemicals. Thousands of large-scale plants exist around the world producing hydrogen, methanol, fertilizer, diesel fuel, and many other liquid fuels and chemicals. Obviously, the conversion of natural or flared gas into synthetic crude oil, a refined diesel/gasoline fuel, or a valuable liquid such as methanol or DME, is an attractive technical and environmental solution. The question has been whether simple, robust, modular plants could be economically built and operated in the field.

GTL Technology has developed based on the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis process. Some of these technologies produce light synthetic oil and clean liquid synthetic transportation fuels, from natural gas, associated gas, flared gas, coal bed Methane;  directly from FT reactor without wax stage.

These GTL Technologies make production of synthetic oil economically feasible, ensuring that GTL process is profitable.  It is differentiated by the use of different metal-based catalyst in the Fischer-Tropsch step of the process with different type of FT reactors. 

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